Two Failed Paintings

Two hours of work and all I have to show for it is a blank canvas. After wiping out two failed paintings I begin to wonder how other artists deal with work when it fails. My work is small, simple and I’m at my easy or sketch board every day so the sting of failure doesn’t hit me too hard but I worry about the future where I begin to take my work into more grand areas.

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Daily Art Struggle

Some days are easier than others when it comes to a daily art routine. The last couple days were a challenge to get in enough time for art. I have no problems doing at least 30 minutes of art every day now, it has become second nature to me, but what is really hard is getting in TWO and a half hours a day. The solution is to be prepared.

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The Best Drawing Tools

After my poor performance in gesture drawing from life on Wednesday I figured that I needed to do more practice today. I already have a plan to continuing to practice all of the fundamentals the rest of my life but currently I feel like I need constant review to keep my skills up. Unfortunately we had a busy schedule today so I could only spend an hour, so to make up for it I figured I would put together some information on what drawing tools I like most.  Continue reading The Best Drawing Tools

Still life With Lemons in Oil and Gouache

When wife gives you lemons, paint them… twice. I wasn’t really sure what I should do for my art session tonight, but I did know that I wanted to try out the Richeson Shiva Oil Paints I just purchased. I also wanted to get a direct relation between using oils and gouache so the best way I could figure to do that was to create a still life with lemons in oil AND gouache.

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Open Studio Figure in Ink

This was the second night in a row at the Hipbone open studio and I decided to take it a bit easy and have fun with an ink pen. The one thing about drawing a figure in ink is that you really can’t mess up too much. Of course there are some occasions where you can fix slightly incorrect areas but for the most part drawing in ink takes a lot of focus and planning before placing lines. By the end of the night I was happy with what I had accomplished except for the gestures, I need to work on them more often.

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Still Life With Oranges in Gouache

I almost started a painting in oil tonight but the allure of Gouache convinced me otherwise. There is something about Gouache’s ability to force you into working slowly and methodically that I like. I’m sure at some point I will get tired of the tediousness and will escape to oil so I can barely look at my still life and throw some paint around, but for now I’m very happy with the Gouache painting that I completed. Continue reading Still Life With Oranges in Gouache

Gouache Still Life With Apple

I will say it again, Gouache is hard. I’m continually baffled by a medium that changes its value and color a few seconds after I apply it to the board. For a while tonight while painting this gouache still life I was wondering if I purchased bad paints, or if the board I was painting on was sucking up all the pigment. It was very frustrating but, I powered through it a bit and began to try and combat the issues with this simple still life. Continue reading Gouache Still Life With Apple