Peck Park Landscape Pochade Box Trial


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So, I made myself a pochade box. It’s super cheap, only cost me about $3 worth of foam core. I haven’t shared a picture of it on here yet because I’m still working out if its viable or not. Plus after this trial painting I figured out some issues that I will have to fix with it. Once I have it all figured out though I will be sure to share it here so people can make their own super cheap pochade box.

The painting is of a park close to us that we go to sometime to workout. It has been very long since I have painted a landscape and I think the 10X8 size was a bit too much for me to handle. I plan on getting some smaller 5X7 boards to paint on.

I hope to start doing quick landscapes every day. I need to get out of the apartment more and I also want to challenge myself with different subject matter plus keep from getting stagnant with one subject. Once I figure out my quick and easy pochade box setup I feel like I can quickly start a landscape anywhere. Continue reading

Elevating the Mundane 34: Session 3


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I don’t think that the thicker painting works well for this subject. I really don’t like the deep brush strokes throughout the painting, it disrupts the smooth contours of the paper creating a texture that makes the whole painting look flat. Although I think painting thick at the beginning will work well for many other paintings, such as landscape or floral still life.

I’m not entirely happy with this composition also. I drew the paper so it touches both the top and bottom edges of the board. This wasn’t entirely intentional and it shows. Next time I’m going to keep the drawing well away from the edges even if I have to re-draw it several times. Continue reading

Elevating the Mundane 34: Session 1


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I began this painting with much thicker paint than usual. The idea is to add a lot of paint to the surface at the beginning then work with that paint throughout the painting. Hopefully this method allows me to paint thicker yet keep the smooth surface that I like for these works. As you can see currently there are a lot of deep brush strokes in the paint that I want to smooth out. Continue reading

Elevating the Mundane 32: Session 1


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I used a canvas board for this painting. It has been lying around for a while ever since I moved to wood panels and I must say that moving to wood panels was a good choice for this series. I thoroughly dislike the canvas texture.

I guess I could paint thicker but I have tried for years to paint and have never been able to achieve it. Continue reading